Record Grading

How do you grade your records?

We visually grade records by the turntable and visually. The majority of our inventory is in top condition with some records visually having minor wear as we look to only sell optimal condition records.

We use the following details to great as best as possible.

In the descriptions of used records, you’ll see the following terms:

  • Mint (M) – Perfect in every way. Never played (It’s unlikely you’ll see this grade on a used record on our site unless it’s still sealed).
  • Near Mint (NM or M-) – Almost perfect, but likely played a few times.
  • Very Good Plus (VG+) – This record has been well-taken care of. If any scratches, they’re only very light and will not affect playback.
  • Very Good (VG) – Showing signs of it being previously loved. It lost its shine, there’s some surface noise and it has noticeable scratches.
  • Good/Good+ (G/G+) – This will play without skipping but it will have significant surface noise and groove wear.
  • Poor (P) – These are the records that will become a clock or some other snazzy vinyl art. You might see it on the site if it’s a Beatles original “Butcher cover”.

These grades are taken directly from the Goldmine standard to where our record inventory will usually fall into.

Just let us know if you have any questions and we will be glad to help within a 24 hour time period.